Dreaming of having your own business?


Welcome to ARTISTRY® Startup, a 5 week program to guide you through starting your own beauty business and becoming an ARTISTRY Beauty Consultant.

Imagine being able to choose your own hours, do something you love AND make money. Starting your own beauty business can lead to more time with your family, less reliance on childcare, new friends, some extra cash for that long awaited family holiday and many other rewards. It’s also the foundation for something bigger. ARTISTRY allows you to build a business as ambitious as your dreams.

The program is flexible and you can participate in a number of ways and in your own time. Join the 5 week program or jump online and complete it at your own pace.

  • Participate face-to-face in your nearest Amway Business Centre where you will attend weekly workshops over a 5 week period and have the support of the ARTISTRY Beauty Consultant and Business Centre staff.
  • Join the ARTISTRY Startup Facebook page at and get your tutorials, information and instructions in daily posts across a 5 week period.
  • Or you can choose to complete it at your own pace, online at
Whichever way to decide to participate, over the 5 week period you will learn how to:
  • Conduct a professional skin consultation using the ARTISTRY Skin Analyzer
  • Perform a mini facial
  • Talk about skin physiology and ARTISTRY products like an expert
  • Recommend ARTISTRY products
  • Influence others through social media
  • Close a sale and generate referrals
You will have everything you need to succeed at your fingertips:
  • Free training, tools and resources
  • Scripts to help you start conversations and close the sale
  • A range of products and bundles that can be ordered online
  • A committed support team to assist you every step of the way
Your 5 week journey will help you develop the knowledge, skills AND confidence you will need to start your ARTISTRY Business and become a successful ARTISTRY Skincare Consultant.

You will have some homework to complete after each module to help you gain more knowledge and confidence as you progress and, on completion of this program, you will even be recognised with an ARTISTRY Certificate.

Now’s the time for you to decide what’s important to you and set yourself a goal. Do you want to trade your full time job for your own business? Save for a holiday or just improve your work-life balance?

ARTISTRY Startup provides all the training and support you need to succeed and build a business that fits your dreams.

We look forward to watching you thrive.

Have fun!

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